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Andre ReginiAndre Regini is a photographer with over 25 years' of experience. He is a prolific studio and location photographer and has conducted shoots all over the world, including Brazil, South Africa and Spain. A Member of the Association of Photographers, the British Institute of Professional Photography, and the Master Photographers Association, he has been published in among others, The Sunday Times, The Times Weekend, The Telegraph Weekend, The Guardian, Creative Head magazine and Hairdressers Journal.

Andre’s work is defined by an uncompromising attitude, his understanding and use of light, the clarity of his images and an obsessive eye for detail. He enjoys a close collaboration with his clients, gaining an exact understanding of their requirements, producing memorable images that capture the desired essence of the subject.

Andre has run a fully digital studio for the past six years, shooting on 39Mpix Medium Format Hasselblad, and 16.7Mpix 35mm Canon systems.

“Lighting is crucial to an image, without it photography doesn’t exist. Creating it is easy, but understanding and controlling it, is what makes an image.”

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